Kant's Firebox
Kant's Firebox Information
Possible Alternate Names:Sparky Lighterbox (Aurica)
Flamedance (Misha)
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)カントの火箱 (Kant's Firebox)
Romaji (Original)kanto no hibako

Name in Kanji/Kana (Alternates)チャッカリ着火箱 (Sparky Ignibox) - (Aurica)

フレイムダンス (Flamedance) - (Misha)

Romaji (Alternates)chakkari chakkabako (Aurica)

fureimudansu (Misha)

DescriptionIf you ever need a light, this is all you need. Smokers rejoice?
Recrystallizes IntoS Super Scorcho
A Super Size Fire
B Pointier
C Real Defense
IngredientsBeak Breath
Selling Price379 Leaf
Used in SynthesizingPure Refining Furnace
Suzaku & Seiryuu
Zetsuei & Zanmu
Silver Singer


This item is also featured in Cross Edge as an unique synthesis material needed to synthesize Zetsuei & Zanmu, Ayatane's ultimate weapon. It can be gotten only from obtaining titles.

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