The (Kanakana Pier, カナカナ突堤?, lit. "kanakana tottei") is a ruin located at the very end of the Rim, beyond the Dreamy Fields. It used to be the place where the People of Mio, composed mostly of half-Terus, lived after they were isolated from the rest of Metafalss 400 years ago, but after it was razed in an IPD outbreak, it was reduced to its current state. Now, it's no more than a nest of monsters.


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Kanakana Pier isn't a really long or difficult dungeon, nor does it have a large number of random encounters. However, the enemies that show up on this place are relatively strong, so it would be a good idea to be careful in battle. Likewise, most of the area can't be really explored the first time around: the so-called Room of Mio is sealed off until the second visit, while the chest outside the Room of Homura can't be gotten due to the plot events being triggered as soon as the player sets foot on that room. Likewise, the room with the Terutrain has no purpose until Amarie calls it on the Dreamy Fields. This area also marks the return of the IPDs to the normal experience of exploring dungeons, so appropriate precautions should be taken.




Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 6



Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Petunia 5 None. Roaming Bio Planet x2

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