Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
イシュタムーン (Ishtamoon) (ishutamuun)
Monster Card:Aircraft3
Level HP
34 2116
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
946 803 0 28
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
33 20 20 25
EXP Leaf
54 50
Location Pheyna Temple

Ion Plate

Class Aircraft
Abilities Sky Drive

Homing Shot
Mega Cannon

Grade 4 Drop Rainbow Fragment
Grade 3 Drop Quick Move
Grade 2 Drop White Stone
Grade 1 Drop Black Stone
DescriptionA small, flying robot. A machine with double the performance of a Balthazaar. But its attack methods are still the same.

An slightly improved version of the Balthazaar, and pretty weak in comparison to the Deltathor, this monster constitutes the second level of Aircraft-type monsters. Its moveset is more similar to that of the Deltathor, given that they both share the same attacks, excepting for the basic one, which in this monster is the Sky Drive. It isn't very strong, and can be easily defeated.

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