Ionasal.kkll.Preciel (Ion)

Ion ciel nosurgeIon as she appears in Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.

Chara img04Ion as she appears in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

Kanji/Kanaイオナサル・ククルル・プリシェール (ionasaru kukururu purisheeru)
Height155 cm
Weight46 kg
First AppearanceCiel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta
SingerAkiko Shikata
English Voice ActorCristina Vee
Japanese Voice ActorAi Kakuma


Ionasal or Ion for short is the main protagonist of the game Ciel Nosurge. In Ar Nosurge she is a main protagonist alongside fellow character Cas. In Ciel Nosurge Ion is referred to as princess. Ion is the princess of Tenmon, the astronomical faction. Both the princess of Tenmon (Ion) and the princess of Chimon, the Earth faction, must embark on a three year trial in which both Ion and the Chimon princess, Kanaoyeel, or Kanon for short, must live alongside the people. Then between the two one will be chosen for empress. This trial and succession takes great importance as the planet, Ra Ciela is in great danger, and it is the empress's duty to save the people. Ion is a shy, kind character who has trouble representing her feelings and will try to save everyone, even if others believe it is not worth it.


Ciel Nosurge

Ion is the primary character that 'you' interact with throughout the game. She found and fixed the terminal that allows 'you' to connect with Ion across dimensions. The terminal itself has a limited degree of interface, only allowing basic transmissions of thoughts, feelings, and gestures from 'your' end. As it cannot even send your name over to her, Ion simply uses 'you' when speaking.

By sending requests and thoughts to Ion, she can be sent out to gather materials and later use them to synthesize new items and clothes. Most items are purely cosmetic, but it also helps develop the bond between 'you' and Ion. Later on, Nelico will provide you with tickets for "dates" with Ion, furthering 'your' connection.

When 'you' first meet Ion, she has no memory of herself or her past. Using the terminal, 'you' can enter Ion's Dream World, where her memories lay in tatters. Using the power of Sharls, which can be created with energy from 'your' dimension, Ion's memories can be repaired, allowing her to remember again. But within Ion's past are some things that may have been better off forgotten...

Chapter 1-

The Beginning of the Trial

Ion's story starts with her preparing for the trial. She gets inside the elevator with her priestess. The priestess explains the basics of the trial, and how she cannot rely on help form any priestesses. nor expect to be able to use any imperial authority. She gives Ion a cloth and tells her, she must keep the cloth safe at all times, and only give it to someone she trusts, who will then abandon everything they know to serve her and only her from then on. Upon arrival, the location is changed to Manjusara, known to be the most impoverished city in all of Ra Ciela. Princess Kanon of Chimon gives a speech to the people, acceding to them some of her clothing. Meanwhile Ion is having her clothes forcefully ripped off by desperate citizenry, causing her to cry and flee into a dark alleyway.

A New Friend?

Ion meets Tabou while in the alleyway. He asks her if she has seen the Wave Burst Forecast, however Ion does not know what that means and cannot concentrate due to being hungry. Taabo invites Ion to his house for dinner and they introduce themselves to each other.

Ar Nosurge

Ion's story starts shortly after the beginning of Casty and Delta's side. It begins with her awakening Earthes, a robot she has built to protect her as she journeys to save the world.

Depending on whether you have linked a save file between Ciel Nosurge and Ar Nosurge (sadly only available in Japan, as CnS was never released globally), who 'you' are will be determined using the "Sekai Link" option.

Without a link, the 'you' that connects with Earthes is different from the one in CnS. The 'you' from CnS is implied to have restored Ion's memories, but the relationship is intentionally left moderately ambiguous.

With a link, the 'you' from CnS is the same one who pilots Earthes in AnS, period. Again, it's only available in Japan, but those who do so can feel the warm fuzzy feeling of reconnecting with Ion.


Ciel Nosurge

Ahih rei-yah : Ion uses this song to grow large flowers to protect Manjusara from wave bursts caused by the sun Bezel.

Quell->{ein te hyme}; : Uses a stage to help Ion express her feelings better. This song had no effect except for conveying Ion's feelings.

mei-fa-re koo-ja-i; : To calm down the Sharls Ion and Terefunken combine to sing this song.

Ra Ciel Fuser : The central song of the Grand Phoenix Project, with the function to compress Ra Ciela into the Micro Quazar, destroying all of its Wills and inhabitants in the process, and harness its energy to teleport the inhabitants of Hymmnesphere to another planet.

Ar Nosurge

Class::CIEL_NOSURGE : Creates a Song Magic Terminal for establishing connection with other dimensions, allowing contact to other dimensions through Ciel Nosurge game and harvest a potentially unlimited amount of energy from there. Ion was forced to sing this song by Zill to mass produce a massive amount of Sharls through the Astrocyte Modulation Virus.

Class::XIO_PROCEED : Switches the power source of Colony Ship Soreil back to harnessing energy from Ar nosurge Tube. However, the entirety of Soreil system had to be shut down as a prerequisite of its execution, and powerful feelings is required for this to carry out its function.

Lxa ti-cia : A song bequeathed by Horus to train Kanon and Cosal in order to raise their soul level by creating a stage where they face their negative thoughts and feelings.

Ra Ciel Reincarnation : Sung alongside all the residents in Soreil, it creates a new planet from where the Ra Ciela was located.

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