The Interdimend (インターディメンド, intaadimendo?) is a technique used for communicating with the world beyond the Seven Dimensions, though strictly speaking, it is a technique that allows us to take control of a life form or machine in the EXA_PICO Universe regardless of their will.

While the Interdimend requires large and powerful systems to work, such as the Ar nosurge Tube, it should also be taken in consideration that it allows to limitlessly extract resources from another universe, which gives it a great worth.

Before the discovery of this technique, the researchers of this world used to abduct the souls of people from other dimensions in order to gain blessings that were equivalent to the Interdimend in nature, which was how both Nero and Ion ended up in Ra Ciela. And in fact, the Interdimend is the reason why we can control Delta's actions and why Earthes is a mechanical puppet we use as a stand-in in that world in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, though it also applies in the inverse, as the antagonist is also using the Interdimend to take control of another people in an attempt to bring Nero back to her world regardless of the consequences that might bring to this one.

The Interdimend also has negative effects: when applied over a human, they will initially suffer from heavy memory loss, and then that person's will and senses will gradually dim out more and more until the point in which they become a mere shell that can be controlled by the user of the Interdimend at will. However, given that the people affected by it have these negative effects eliminated once the Interdimend link is broken, and this also gives them an overlooking viewpoint of the situation due to them being able to see what we see as players of the game (in other words, being able to see the enemies in formations, and being able to look up their weaknesses and stats), it is a great tactical advantage in combat.

The Interdimend itself can be established and reestablished by singing the song Class::AR_NOSURGE;, while for breaking the connection, a specially made program for it must be used, or the Ar nosurge Tube itself must be destroyed.

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