Imperial (インペリアル, imperiaru?, lit. "Imperial/The Last Imperial") is the final area in Gaea, and it's a large mansion that has mechanical structures inside itself, giving it a great similarity to the inside of the Rim. This place also lodges the Heart of the Land that gives shape to Gaea itself, so its singing voice can be heard throughout the area. Its comment line is: "A bird protected by a cage of ribs."


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It could be said that this area takes the gameplay and progress back to its usual form after the alternation between the trials and Dives in the Infelsphere that formed the entire basis of the progress on Gaea. As a dungeon, is pretty large and formed by several floors interconnected by elevators, with several rooms holding treasure chests. On the other hand, the enemies are mostly those from the other areas of Gaea, but there are a few new ones, both of which are a relative step up on difficulty in comparison to the others. So the player should traverse the area quick and carefully, and take advantage of the save point on the end, as they will have to deal with two bosses here. However, there are no IPDs here, like in the rest of Gaea. Finally, like the rest of Gaea proper, this area has two different songs depending on the route the player is following: it's the version of Hearts Aflutter corresponding to the heroine chosen back in Phase 1, and who was turned into the cornerstone of Gaea.




Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 10


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