The most common type of Genom. Imaginary-Type Genoms are usually born when a Genom or Sharl wishes to have descendants, and thus create them themselves within their own Soulspace. Given they are basically the imaginations of another being given form, they receive this name, and are always considered the children of the Genom who gave birth to them. However, they need to receive energy from a being they have Harmonized with, which can be a human or other Genom, as they feed on the power of feelings of other creatures and thus can't receive energy from eating food. If they go for too long without Harmonizing with anyone, they will die.

There are cases in which a human can give birth to a Imaginary-Type Genom accidentally as they asleep while holding particularly strong feelings or having extremely vivid dreams, but they are very rare. Another way of creating these Genoms is through the Astrocyte Modulation Virus developed by Zill, which forcefully consumes the life form of the people infected with it to produce Sharls, though this is considered more an abnormality than anything. This also means that Sharls are considered as Imaginary-Types.

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