Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Ikaruga Mk.II
斑鳩二号 (Ikaruga Model II) (ikaruga ni-gou)
Ikaruga Mk2
Monster Card:Ikaruga Mk.II
Level HP
85 70000
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1500 9999 0 350
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
90 90 75 90
EXP Leaf
5000 10000
Location Tower Inside A3 Sector 195~183F (during Phase 3)
Class Boss
Abilities 100M Vulcan

Simultaneous Swipe
Death Gear
System Uncontrolled
Safe Mode
Photon Spreader
(Status Immunity)

Grade 4 Drop Aegis Protector
Grade 3 Drop Reinforcement Chip
Grade 2 Drop Photon Oscilliscope
Grade 1 Drop MC: Ikaruga Mk.II
DescriptionTenba's surveying machine. An upgraded Ikaruga, it has a high-powered symphonic cannon and better performance but randomly goes out of control.

An improved version of Tenba's Ikaruga Mk.I, this monstruous machine has nigh impenetrable physical defenses and almost perfect elemental resistances, making quite hard to damage it except with non-elemental or Wind-elemental magic attacks. Additionally, it has quite large variety of skills: its 100M Vulcan deals large physical damage to a single target; Simultaneous Swipe causes large physical and Thunder-elemental damage to all vanguards; Death Gear deals average physical damage to a single target; Alarm allows it to summon Asukas as backup; can use System Uncontrolled in order to change into a more aggressive attack mode whenever it gets hit with a Wind-elemental attack; and finally, it has a Lv. 3 Stored Attack, Photon Spreader, which causes large amounts of Thunder-elemental damage, and it'll initiate a countdown for using it immediately after using Alarm.

However, it also uses Safe Mode after an attack in System Uncontrolled mode to change to a less aggressive mode, in which all of its defensive stats lower severely, allowing you an opening to attack. However, since this means that a group of three Asuka will most likely be there due to it using Alarm during System Uncontrolled, it means that you will have to use party-wide attacks such as the Super Counters of your party or strong Song Magic in order to be able to attack it.

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