Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Ikaruga Mk.I
斑鳩一号 (Ikaruga Model I) (ikaruga ichi-gou)
Ikaruga MkI
Monster Card:Ikaruga Mk.1
Level HP
21 6000
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
332 224 0 27
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
0 25 -100 0
EXP Leaf
300 2000
Location Firefly Power Generator
Class Boss
Abilities 70M Vulcan

Four Chambered Missile
Death Hover
(Status Immunity)

Grade 4 Drop Real Defensive
Grade 3 Drop Knight Suit
Grade 2 Drop Large Gear (Cog)
Grade 1 Drop MC: Ikaruga Mk.1
DescriptionAn investigation weapon created by the Tenba. It is enormous and carries a gatling gun. It will easily wipe out a normal monster.

An experimental weapon developed by the Tenba Conglomerate, this massive robotic tank is stronger than the A.B.R.α that served as the first true boss in the game, and it's also the first boss that can make use of Stored Attacks. Krusche temporarily joins in during this battle so make sure to use her abilities the best possible.

The Ikaruga Mk. I has a total of three attacks: the 70M Vulcan, which deals physical damage to a single target, the Four Chambered Missile, which deals physical and Fire-elemental damage to all your vanguards, and finally, a Lv. 1 Stored Attack called Death Hover, in which he floats briefly in the air to then fall and attempt to crush your Reyvateil. Its stats are relatively high, but it has an extreme weakness to Song Magic, particularly to Wind-elemental attacks, so try to play that to your advantage, while trying to raise your Harmonics levels to the max before finishing it off.

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