(Homuragi Gentoku Rakujou, 焔魏元徳羅浄?, lit. "Homuragi Gentoku Rakujou") was a member of the Necrofamilies, and in fact, he was the head of the Homuragi/Nino clan in Sol Cluster during the time in which Archia invaded Clustania and killed pretty much the entirety of their population in the region. The sole survivors were Homuragi himself and Ayatane Kureha Kirinami.

Homuragi, as a member of the Nino clan, had the ability of listening to the Voices of Truth, which in Wave Science terms translate to being able to perceive waves that no other living being can, and this includes the high-frequency waves the Wills of the Planet use to communicate among themselves. This allowed him to learn the intentions of the Antibodies and communicate with them, learning about the situation of the Planet: the Antibodies merely killed to absorb the Symphonic Power from the living creatures and send it back to the Planet, so it could have a chance of restoring itself. However, the Moocheriel facility continued sapping that power, and unless something was done to stop it, the Planet would soon die. However, he used this information under a different interpretation: that they had to stop all sorts of Symphonic Power consumption the humans tried to use, even if it was produced independently from Moocheriel, all to continue the plans the Necrofamilies had ever since the times of the Grathnode Inferia: annihilating humanity to bring about the revival of the Planet, which started the horrible Cleansing policies for which Clustania became infamous. He and Ayatane's parents also made a pact with the Antibodies so Ayatane could be fused with them, gaining great powers.

Homuragi commanded Clustania's forces when Archia tried invading said city in an attempt to kill the Necrofamilies during the Ayatane War (3709~3712 AD), but given that Archia had full control of the SH Server, the Reyvateils were powerless to do anything, and so Homuragi had to end up surrendering. He was taken captive and sent off to the Archia Think Tank.

During his time in the Think Tank, the researchers showed a lot of interest on him due to being fused with an Antibody, so they performed all sorts of analysis in him, and discovered that while he hadn't turned fully into an Antibody, possibly he could lead them to the Soulspace of the Antibody Brain, Ar Ru. However, there was no conclusive proof to this, so they had to continue their research through trial and error. Finally, they extracted a H-Wave model copy of his Soulspace and Downloaded it into a prototype Pureblooded β-type that was still in process of nurturing as a piece of ROM data, in an attempt to create a Reyvateil that had Ar Ru's Soulspace within herself. However, this experiment ended in disaster, as said Reyvateil ended behaving like an Antibody and destroyed everything around herself, ending with her own death. This allowed Homuragi a chance to escape, and managed to return to Clustania, although barely alive.

However, he still managed to give instructions and insight about the Think Tank to both Ayatane Kureha and his newly formed group, the Reyvateil Crusaders; which allowed them to reboot Harvestasha VISTA and return Clustania its supremacy. Its unknown what became of him after this, and most likely, he ended dying shortly after his return.

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