Hitlezz Information
Possible Alternate Names:Misserchi (Aurica)

Evil Sword Evader (Misha)
Flan Hallucinogen Type I (Shurelia)

Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)アタラズ (Nohitter)
Romaji (Original)atarazu

Name in Kanji/Kana (Alternates)スカリーチョ (Easystrike) - (Aurica)

魔剣そらしの水 (Evil Sword-Avoiding Water) - (Misha)
フラン幻覚液Ⅰ属 (Type I Flan Hallucinogen) - (Shurelia)

Romaji (Alternates)sukariicho (Aurica)

makensorashi no mizu (Misha)
furan genkakueki wan-zoku (Shurelia)

ClassStatus Decreaser
DescriptionThe enemy's attacks become less likely to hit you. I guess the name kind of explains it.
EffectSlightly decreases an enemy's attack and accuracy.
Recrystallizes IntoRank S: Foam Weapon

Rank A: Melt Weapon
Rank B: Kick up Dust
Rank C: Slow 'em down

IngredientsBlack Stone

Ultimate Fang
Grathnode Crystal

Can be Bought AtAirport City Nemo: 786 Leaf
Selling Price262 Leaf
Used in SynthesizingNeo Hitlezz

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