Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Heretic Disciple
異端の使徒 (Heretic Apostle) (itan no shito)
Heretic Disciple
Monster Card:Priest5
Level HP
87 12060
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2466 1996 0 119
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
20 33 25 15
EXP Leaf
501 1392
Location Plasma Bell
Class Priest
Abilities Temple Strike

Summon Hellfire

Grade 4 Drop Large Ice
Grade 3 Drop Funbun
Grade 2 Drop Large Wind
Grade 1 Drop Flavored Ice
DescriptionDisciples of heretics who wear strange masks. They have high skills in both attack and defense. Their strange magic might give you a hard time.

This monster is a return to the basics of the Priest-type enemies, as they have only Temple Strike and Healing in their moveset, aside of their very high attacks. However, they also have access to a Lv. 2 Stored Attack called Summon Hellfire, so the same advice applied to the Fanatics should be applied to them.

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