Module Harvestasha - VISTA Edition
B126 Information
Kanji/Kanaモジュール・ハーヴェスターシャ VISTAエディション
Unaltered NameModule Harvestasya - VISTA Edition
Height149 cm
Weight0 kg
First AppearanceAr tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel
SingerYula Yayoi
English Voice ActorCassandra Lee Morris
Japanese Voice ActorYuu Asakawa

Her official name is Harvestasha Module Vista. Her duty is to assist the XP module, but because construction of the Tower was never completed, she was unaware of that function. Ayatane reprogrammed her personality skin with a foul-mouthed personality sometime around 700 years ago, to serve as a emotionless, tyrannical dictator of Clustania.


  • Harvestasha Vista made her appearance in Toukousphere with the reprogrammed personality she had before Tyria restores her to her default personality. Because of this, she is sometimes nicknamed "Kusofure-sama" (lit. Shitframe) among other nicknames, most of which Harvestasha Vista dislikes.
  • In addition of the "Shitframe" personality programmed by Ayatane, Harvestasha Vista has several personality skins available as free DLC, which includes the Tsundere, Dorodere, Ultra Masochist and Pure White personality. Tilia also mentions about being able to program her with a human-loving, but foul-mouthed personality.

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