At2 p101 gyro stabilizer

The Gyro Stabilizer as seen from the outside.

The Gyro Stabilizer (ジャイロスタビライザ, jairosutabiraiza?) is the lowermost accessible area of the Second Tower of Ar tonelico. This area is pretty much located on the border of the Sea of Death, so part of the poison in the area seems to leak inside every now and then. It can only be accessed through Lift 0 from the Slums, although no one has seen the lift for a long time, so everyone thinks it only exists in legends.

This place has the extremely important role of keeping the direction and amplitude of the Tower's movement within certain parameters dictated by the Gyroscope, so it is filled with Divine Armies and an unit tasked with their mass-production called the Divine Beam.


(coming later on...)


Once again, the Gyro Stabilizer bumps the difficulty by making the area larger and more complex with its multiple lifts, side-paths and two floors, as well as also having a relatively high encounter number and rate. The enemies are pretty strong as well, so it is advisable to try to keep the health of the party high between battles, as well as upgrading their equipment before coming to the area. It has to be noted that the player will have to return to the room with the Hymn Crystals and pick the correct one in order to be able to defeat the boss. However, there is no penalty for choosing an incorrect crystal, as the game won't proceed until the correct crystal (marked on the maps) is chosen.




Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 10



Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Popo 1 None. Roaming None.
Rikka 5 None. Fixed None.
Sanri 5 None. Roaming None.
Maimai 6 None Fixed Sister Infinity x3
Miya 6 None. Fixed Type 48
Slanner 2 None. Roaming None
Mojgoj 3 None. Roaming Milky Pom
Pekopon 4 None. Roaming Poison Drake x2

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