Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
ガードマン (Security Guard) (gaadoman)
Monster Card:Security2
Level HP
48 3661
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1140 1128 0 59
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
18 18 25 8
EXP Leaf
137 162
Location Tenba Labs

Firefly Power Generator (Phase 2 onwards)

Class Security
Abilities Fast Shot

Super Shot

Grade 4 Drop Dislike Wind
Grade 3 Drop Orgorio
Grade 2 Drop Firefly Paper
Grade 1 Drop Thundershroom
DescriptionSecurity guard for certain facilities. Each one is weak, but they don't guard alone, so often times you must fight many at once.

An improved version of the Tenba Security, the Guardsman has access to another physical attack, the KEI-BO, and can also attack the party Reyvateil with their Lv. 1 Stored Attack, Fast Shot. Still, they can be easily defeated as long as you remember the Guard the Reyvateil whenever she needs it.

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