Great Fang

Great Fang is a mammoth rock formation that sticks out of the ground near the Tower. The people who live on this rock can't form large communities, because if they do, then the Clustanians will come to annihilate them. Also, the geographical environment isn't quite right for supporting people, so it was originally zoned as a non-residential area. The residents of this place are refugees from the global disaster known as Grathnode inferia, that occured about 700 years ago. The current residents mostly oppose Clustania, and because of that, they are constantly under surveillance by the Clustanians, and they aren't allowed t gather together into large groups. Each community is governed by their own municipal laws. The heads of each municipal community communicate with each other through Community Assemblies. Of course, these assemblies are strictly kept secret. If the clustanians caught them, these meetings would be broken up. One third of Great Fang communities are on the surface of the world, and the rest are within the depths of a dark abyss. The population of each community is less than a thousand each. If a community grows larger than this, the Clustanians will force them to split into multiple groups or turn them into colonies. Each town is very basic. Great Fang may look like an ordinary civilization, but its technology is highly advanced. The surface community is almost agrarian. Because of their great agricultural methodology, they garner abundant yields. Plus, they raise livestock and crops in underground farms. Thanks to these rich resources, food is never scarce. Plus, the perpetual snow on Great Fang gradually melts into water, giving abundant irrigation. As for other technology, because they have access to Parameno, there are numerous Parameno Discs set up all over the towns. These discs absord ambient Song Magic and conver it into a current of energy. That's how they produce their symphonic energy. This technology was lost in other areas (such as Sol Ciel and Metafalss), and is a legacy of the First Era, which is unique to the 3rd Tower.

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