Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
でらフラワー (Incrediflower) (derafurawa-)
Monster Card:Plant7
Level HP
95 39557
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2908 1183 0 20
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
13 25 40 90
EXP Leaf
1646 2058
Location Plasma Bell

Dragon's Nest

Class Plant
Abilities Mouthful

Invisible Pollen
Healing Pollen

Grade 4 Drop Amazing Defense
Grade 3 Drop Overcome Ice
Grade 2 Drop Funbun T-Shirt
Grade 1 Drop Yuteroid
DescriptionWhat could have happened for it to become so gigantic? The flower and the person inside are both huge. It's almost like fighting a giant.

The strongest Plant-type monster, which obviously should be fought with care and trying to defeat it as fast as possible. However, it isn't as fast as the Guillotineflower and it doesn't have either the dangerous attacks the former has, so in some ways, it's an easier foe. It still has access to the Healing Pollen counter, so this could drag on the battle more than necessary.

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