Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica Enemy
Giant Pom
ジャイアントポム (Giant Pom) (jaiantopomu)
Giant Pom
Level HP
26 856
Attack Defense Speed
92 71 79
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
5 5 5 5
Pain Resistance Sickness Resistance Virus Resistance Sealed Resistance
Weak Weak Weak Weak
Stun Resistance Instant Death Resistance
Immune Weak
EXP Leaf
89 175
Location Gaea (all areas)
Class Pom
Abilities Pombad

Jumping Thorn

Rare Drop Patience Button
Semirare Drop Kettle Rice
Normal Drop Colored Twig
DescriptionThese Poms are somewhat larger than ordinary ones. It's just sad how they're entirely like ordinary Poms otherwise, as their greater size only makes their weakness more obvious.

A middle ground of sorts between the Milky Pom and the Choco Pom, these enormous Poms are what anyone could call a deception: despite their large size, they are functionally identical to the Milky Pom, although with higher stats, so defeating them should be relatively easy.

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