Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Enemy
Furia Carrier
フリアキャリー (Furia Carrier) (furiakyarii)
Furia Carrier
Difficulty Level HP Attack Defense
Easy 70 5000 287 398
Normal 73 21000 451 546
Hard 75 26000 651 791
EXP Leaf
600 763
Fire Ice Wind Thunder
10 0 10 10
Physical Poison Paralysis Curse Song
0 30 30 50 0
Location Tower Block A (from Phase 4 onwards)

Moocheriel (from Phase 4 onwards)

Class Antibody
Abilities Purge Block (Stored Attack)
Grade 4 Drop Electric Shock Box
Grade 3 Drop Stormbringer Button
Grade 2 Drop Frost Generator
Grade 1 Drop Mega Heat Scorcher

The first monster of the third and final Antibody type: the Carrier model, which follows the same pattern as the initial monsters of the Furia and Doll Models in that they can be easily defeated in Easy, but require the usage of Song Magic or Ultra Supermoves to be eliminated in a reasonable time in Normal and Hard.

Aside of its relatively high Attack and Defense, its resistances are pretty low for the most part, the only noteworthy one being its high resistance to Curse. However, it does have access to the Purge Block Stored Attack and can Poison your party members with its attacks, so while it isn't a very powerful enemy, don't lower your guard against it.

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