Flame & Sound
Flame & Sound Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)焔炎&清音 (Blazing Flame & Unvoiced Sound)
Romaji (Original)en'en ando seion

ClassWeapon: Katana
Can be equipped byAyatane
DescriptionA katana. You can hold them separately, or one in each hand to dual wield.
EffectAttack +182, Fire Attak +25, Critical +5
Available Enhancement SlotsLv.1

Lv. 2

Recrystallizes IntoBerserking Power
Can be Bought atFloating City Platina: 300 Leaf
Selling Price300 Leaf
Used for SynthesizingZetsuei & Zanmu


This weapon is also featured in Cross Edge as one of Ayatane's exclusive swords, and it's also his initial weapon in said game.

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