Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Feral Wolf
あらくれウルフ (Feral Wolf) (arakureurufu)
Feral Wolf
Monster Card:Beast3
Level HP
43 3074
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1226 870 0 64
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
18 75 25 18
EXP Leaf
55 50
Location Frozen Eye

Tenba Tower
Musical Corridor

Class Beast
Abilities Poison Bite

Hell Breath

Grade 4 Drop Juicy Meat
Grade 3 Drop An Okay Shield
Grade 2 Drop White Armor
Grade 1 Drop Songstone
DescriptionA white wolf. Incomparable to the Mad Dog, this wolf is ferocious. It is really quick.

This Beast-type monster doubles in stats pretty much all of the parameters of the Mad Dog, and additionally, it has access to the Warcry attack-buffing skill, and can Poison party members with its normal attack. However, its Hell Breath is a Lv. 1 Stored Attack, which is the only aspect in which it's weaker than the Mad Dog. Try to keep your heal up to avoid getting killed by the poison, and always watch out for its Stored Attack.

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