Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
ファルス司祭 (Bishop Falss) (farusu-shisai)
Monster Card:Falss
Level HP
59 39096
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1307 1279 0 60
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
75 75 0 75
EXP Leaf
2250 7777
Location Altar of Apostles (during Phase 2, only in Aurica's route)
Class Boss
Abilities Forbidden Claw

Elemia Ray
Super Acceleration
Elemia Anthem
Gravity Punishment
(Status Immunity)

Grade 4 Drop Elemia Talisman
Grade 3 Drop Protective Power
Grade 2 Drop Berserking Power
Grade 1 Drop MC: Falss
DescriptionA bishop of the Elemia Church. He used to be a commander of Platina, but his plans to revive Mir were revealed. In order to escape, he ran away to the Lower World.

The virus-infected form of Bishop Falss, who attacked Lyner and his friends at the Symphonic Reactor. This battle is the only place in the game where the boss theme Loki plays. This boss has a total of five abilities: Forbidden Claw, which deals average physical damage to a single target; Elemia Ray, which deals large physical damage to a single target; Elemia Anthem, which restores part of his HP, a Lv. 2 Stored Attack called Gravity Punishment; and finally, his most dangerous skill: Super Acceleration, which allows him to take four actions straight without any interruptions. Most likely, he will use Elemia Ray, Forbidden Claw, and Elemia Anthem first, and then begin charging Gravity Punishment upon activating it. Due to this, he poses a large threat if your party has a low HP whenever he decides to use Super Acceleration, which would most likely would end up knocking them out. Because of this, make sure to keep yourself healed, and pay attention to whenever he tries to use Gravity Punishment.


  • This boss is also fought in Shurelia's Cosmosphere, although with severely reduced stats, and instead of being played by Bishop Falss himself, he is played by Lyner's father, Leard Barsett. You will receive Shurelia's Song Magic Apostle of Mir upon defeating him, which allows you to summon him to cause Ice-elemental damage to all enemies.
  • As it can be seen from the Visual Book that accompanied the release of Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, this enemy was supposed to be part of an enemy class called Apostles of Mir, but said class was scrapped during the production of the game.

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