Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Falcon Hawk
アードラ (Adler) (aadora)
Falcon Hawk
Monster Card:Bird1
Level HP
13 378
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
249 271 0 20
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
13 13 50 0
EXP Leaf
16 13
Location Cello Forest
Class Bird
Abilities Steep Descent

Vacuum Wave

Grade 4 Drop Ultimate Fang
Grade 3 Drop Running Wind
Grade 2 Drop Minor Damage+
Grade 1 Drop Seed of Phebes
DescriptionA huge bird monster. It will attack with its sharp claws and beak. Its size may surprise you, but it's not that strong, so you can defeat them easily.

The most basic among the Bird-type monsters, the Falcon Hawk isn't a very threatening enemy. It's strengh is pretty much in par with other enemies encountered in previous areas, such as the Poms and Nyo?s, and can be easily defeated.

As a side note, the original Japanese name for this monster, Adler, is the word in German for eagle.

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