Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Eye of Machine God
機神の瞳 (Mechanical Deity's Eye) (kijin no hitomi)
Eye of Machine God
Monster Card:Ball13
Level HP
95 19779
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2370 1994 0 150
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
44 44 44 18
EXP Leaf
1729 2162
Location Plasma Bell
Class Ball
Abilities Laser

Ice Beam
Mystery Ray
Self Recovery
Electromagnetic Laser

Grade 4 Drop Ultimate Fang
Grade 3 Drop Fear Ice
Grade 2 Drop Hell's BBQ
Grade 1 Drop ASL Circuit
DescriptionA super strong Mother Bit. It was supposedly made to use for a different purpose. Either way, it's strong.

The ultimate Ball-type monster, the Eye of Machine God is pretty much the synthesis of the best abilities that the members of said monster kind have, excepting for the Big Guarder and the Satellite Star, couple with extremely high stats. Aside of the fairly standard Laser and Ice Beam attacks, it can also hit party members with random status ailments through its Mystery Ray skill, can regenerate its own HP, and finally, can also use Electromagnetic Laser, the most common Stored Attack in this monster type. Due to the above, you'll have to fight carefully and try to defeat it before it can become a problem.

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