Eoria's Serenade
Eoria's Serenade Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)エオリアの小夜曲 (Serenade of Eolia)
Romaji (Original)eoria no sayokyoku

ClassWeapon: Sword
Can be equipped byLyner
DescriptionOf the seven weapons of Craftmaster Eoria, this weapon recipe is the only one that still exists. Very high performance.
EffectHP +658, Attack +620, Wind Attack +125, Critical +24, Defense +150, Fire Resist +25, Ice Resist +25, Lightning Resist +25, Wind Resist +25, Agility +25
Available Enhancement Slots4 Slots
Recrystallizes IntoS War God's Secret
A Eternal Echo
B King's Spirit
C V Impact
Selling Price22882 Leaf
Mercury Element
Akashic Record
Pure Refining Furnace

According to Akira Tsuchiya, this weapon, like the others created by Craftmaster Eoria, was actually a Reyvateil whose mind was attached to a sword instead of a humanoid body, which was created from a copy of Shurelia's β-6D to create multiple Reyvateils that could be used in experiments to create other swords like this. The purpose of this was to make more powerful swords that had the ability of being enshrouded into flames, water or waves or shooting them, as well as creating a sort-of "Open Sword OS" upon which others could make further developments. However, given that this ran contrary to the idea of human rights for the Reyvateils, said research was shut down and forbidden later on.

Craftmaster Eoria is only the president of the company that authorized this research, and despite what the name may suggest, he doesn't have any sort of relationship to the actual Reyvateil Origin Eoria (Shurelia) or to her mythological namesake.


This sword is also featured in Cross Edge as Lyner's exclusive ultimate weapon. Like all the ultimate items, it's quite difficult to synthesize, requiring a very time-consuming process to get all the ingredients needed for it. The unique ingredient required for its synthesis is also pulled from Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia: it's the Pure Refining Furnace, which was renamed to Refining Furnace there.

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