The Dreamy Fields Tunnels (ゆめみ野地下道, yumemino chikadou?, lit. "Dream Fields Underground Tunnels") are the space that unfolds under the Dreamy Fields. As the magic of the Teru causing the endless loop on the area can't reach the underground, it can be safely crossed to reach Kanakana Pier. As this place is also the inside of the Rim, it houses several machines and mechanisms that are unknown to the current people of Metafalss.


(more coming soon...)


Like the Dreamy Fields themselves, this area is relatively simple and straightforward, so it shouldn't take long to cross it. It also lacks any IPDs or Talk Topics. However, it does have a few treasure chests for the players to pick up. The random encounter number and overall enemy strength is also about the same as the ones from the Dreamy Fields despite having a somewhat different encounter table, so it shouldn't cause the player any trouble.




Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 6

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