The Dreamy Fields (ゆめみ野, yumemino?, lit. "Dream Fields") are a long stretch of plains found at the very border of the Rim, beyond Mint Block, in the area known as the B-Nnoi sector. This place is also the only way of reaching Kanakana Pier, but reaching it by foot is impossible due to the magic of the Teru creating an endless loop between a section of these fields, making them walk into circles. There are also a few grottoes that lead into the inside of the Rim throughout it, which are called the Dreamy Fields Tunnels.


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The Dreamy Fields are relatively simple area consisting of just three screens that go straight from each other, although once the player reaches the end of the fifth screen, they will be sent back to the third one, so trying to continue walking past it is pointless. The number of random encounters is relatively low, but the enemies are somewhat stronger than the ones found in Imperial, so it's a goo idea to be careful. Additionally, there are only three treasure chests on this area and they can't be found until the Targana challenges Croix to a duel as part of the story, which also opens up the final section of the fields, so it's pointless to search for any in the first two visits. Likewise, there are no Talk Topics or IPDs to be found here. Finally, the player should come to this area as soon as they get the notification that it has opened up in the world map, as otherwise they will miss out the scene in which Jacqli explains Croix and the others about the Teru.




Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 6


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