Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Drake Lord
リュージーン (Dragon Gene) (ryuujiin)
Drake Lord
Monster Card:Dragon11
Level HP
99 32436
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2693 2102 0 207
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
88 88 40 88
EXP Leaf
2475 2475
Location Tower Inside A5 and A6 Sectors 362F and 475~477F

Tower Inside A7, A8 and A9 Sectors 900~921F
Tower Inside A8 Sector 912F
Plasma Bell

Class Dragon
Abilities Dragon Kamikaze

Aurora Breath
Poison Mist

Grade 4 Drop Akashic Record
Grade 3 Drop D2 Cell
Grade 2 Drop Dragon Heart
Grade 1 Drop Dragon Wing
DescriptionThe strongest class of dragons. They have many special abilities, and also have strong physical damage.

The strongest drake sub-type enemy, and the ultimate Dragon-type monster, this creature has extremely high stats, and it also has very powerful attacks: its Aurora Breath can put all the vanguards to Sleep, it can use Poison Mist like the Poison Drake, its Dragon Kamikaze attack has a high critical hit rate, and finally, it can use a Lv. 3 Stored Attack called Calamity, which deals large damage of all the four elements. Due to this, you'll have to fight with extreme care, and heal off status ailments as they are inflicted, as this enemy has quite a large probability of annihilating your party if you aren't careful.

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