Dragon Wing
Dragon Wing Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)ドラゴンのはね (Dragon's Wing)
Romaji (Original)doragon no hane

DescriptionThe wings cut off of a dragon. Looking at this makes me feel kind of bad for the dragon.
Recrystallizes IntoAll Resists Up
Can be Bought AtDragon's Nest: 999 Leaf
Selling Price128 Leaf
Dropped ByHellstorm: Grade 1
Mini Wyrm: Grade 3
Flame Wyvern: Grade 1
Mini Wyvern: Grade 1
Drake Lord: Grade 1
Mini Drake: Grade 2/3
Dragon Head: Grade 1
Used in SynthesizingRefresh Core
String of Binding


This item is also featured in Cross Edge as a synthesis ingredient.

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