Defeated Lover's Charm
Defeated Lover's Charm Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)敗れた恋人の護り (Unsuccessful Lover's Charm)
Romaji (Original)yabureta koibito no mamori

Can be equipped byLyner, Jack, Krusche, Radolf, Ayatane
DescriptionIncreases fire, wind, and lightning resistances. That's a scary name though...
EffectFire Resist +50, Lightning Resist +50
Available Enhancement SlotsLv. 1
Recrystallizes IntoRust Weapon
Selling Price90 Leaf
Dropped byBird User: Grade 1
Priest Spirit: Grade 2
Wandering Swordsman: Grade 4
Miraclious: Grade 2
Used for SynthesizingMother-in-Law's Ring


  • Despite the description statement, this accessory does not affect Wind Resistance.


This item is also featured in Cross Edge as a powerful DLC-exclusive accesory, and it's found in the "This is Equipment" Pack. However, it was renamed to "Lover's Charm".

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