Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
ダスザーク (Dathzaak) (dasuzaaku)
Monster Card:Aircraft8
Level HP
90 17845
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
3060 1824 0 76
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
25 18 18 25
EXP Leaf
1314 1195
Location Plasma Bell
Class Aircraft
Abilities Dual Chamber Gun

Energy Drain
Homing Shot
Self Recovery

Grade 4 Drop Orgorio
Grade 3 Drop Hell's BBQ
Grade 2 Drop Shaved Ice
Grade 1 Drop A Good Barrier
DescriptionA small, flying robot. An improved version of a Casper. Although it does not have the rifle like a Melchior, it has high attack power and strong armor.

The ultimate Aircraft-type enemy, the Dathzaak is a synthesis of the best abilities found in this kind of monsters coupled with extremely high stats. It can cause both physical and Fire-elemental damage with the Dual Chamber Gun, can heal itself while damage and reducing the attack power of a vanguard with Energy Drain, can cause a random amount of hits and damage with Homing Shot, and finally it can replenish its own HP with Self Recovery. All of this makes it a dangerous enemy that shouldn't be understimated, so make sure to dispose of it as fast as possible.

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