The Conductor Activator (コンダクター・アクティベーション, condakutaa akutibeeshon?, lit. "Conductor Activation") is a tall white ruin with a dome-shaped roof that can be found in the very middle of the Rim in Metafalss. In the present there isn't much people that knows what purpose this place serves, but it's rumored that it serves as the center of the world for the current Metafalss and that it was the facility used for the creation of the Second Tower of Ar tonelico. It's accessed through the Clouds Wharf.


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Most of this place consists of going up and down through lifts that first require to be activated by pressing certain switches. Aside of this, it's a rather large dungeon that requires some time to be fully explored, although this won't be really possible until late in the game in Luca's Route, as there's a switch that can only be activated by Frelia, and thus, the top floors are rendered inaccessible until Phase 5. Likewise, the enemy groups that show up on this area will get replaced after a certain event, which will be detailed below in the enemy lists. Of course, this should be no problem in Cloche's Route, as access to both the Clouds Wharf and this dungeon doesn't open until then in that route.



Prior to Obtaining the Hymn Crystal Viena

After Obtaining the Hymn Crystal Viena

Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 10



Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Luna 5 After Phase 3 begins. Roaming Type Zero x2
Chichi 1 None. Roaming Armor Guard x2
Ibuki 5 After Phase 3 begins. Roaming Necromancer x2
Cliona 7 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary Black Guard x2
Qulere 3 None. Stationary Bird Knight x2
Agon 7 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary Soul Scythe x2
Pastel 2 None. Roaming None
Milou 1 None. Roaming None
Raila 8 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary Type 888
Anne 9 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary Tran

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