The Ciela Pathway (上帝の道, joutei no michi?, lit. "Joutei Road") is a small mountain pathway that connects the Eternus Shaft to the city of Ciela Gate. It also houses an small cave leading into the Ciela Gate Reservoir, although its entrance collapsed due to an earthquake several years ago.


This was the route that Aoto and his friends used to infiltrate Ciela Gate to rescue Saki from the Clustanians. However, given that Ciela Gate's main door was closed, the party had to use an alternative way to enter the city. Aoto showed the party the secret route he used to slip out of the city when he was a child, and explained to them that he used to live in that city around ten years ago, but he doesn't have many memories of back then. At that moment, they saw a group of Clustanian battleships descending from the Tower, which prompted Hikari Gojo to assume that they had opened up the Prome Wall: the plasma barrier that kept Clustania separated from the lower areas of the world. This demonstrated to them that like Gengai had said, the Clustanians had no intention to respect the peace treaty the Great Fang Coalition had tried to pull off. Aoto then went and opened up the secret path with one of Yurisica's bombs, clearing the road from the rubble and allowing them to proceed.


As mentioned above, this road is extremely small and short in comparison to previous routes of the Great Fang, like the Blue Heaven Trail or the Stairway to Fallen Heaven. As such, it shouldn't take much time to fully explore it.



Number of Treasure Chests in this Area: 2


Number of Random Battles in this Area: 5

Encounter Probability: Middle


This area is incorrectly named Blue Heaven Trail in both the save data screen and the area name tag.

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