The Ciela Gate Reservoir (上帝門地下水道, jouteimon chikasuidou?, lit. "Jouteimon Subterranean Reservoir") is the water system that provides the city of Ciela Gate with abundant water, and therefore supports the lives of its inhabitants.


This was the route that Aoto and company used to enter Ciela Gate after Clustania had occupied the city and closed off its main entrance. By spinning the valves in this place, they were able to control the water levels in the reservoir and gain access to the city.


Although more complicated than previous dungeons (with the possible exception of the Old Eternus Galleries), this dungeon is relatively short, although as mentioned above, it requires manipulating the water level of the pools in this area through the use of the valves, both for reaching the exit, and for managing the reach the treasure chests scattered around. This last point is also quite important due to the recipe books for the vanguards' second skills being found in these chests, so make sure to not leave anything behind.

The best route for getting the items would be the following, which only requires manipulating two valves:

  1. Get the V-Style Summer Issue.
  2. Spin Valve A.
  3. Get the Beast Anatomy.
  4. Get the Guardian Suit.
  5. Get the ?Tablet?
  6. Spin Valve B.
  7. Get the Rad Video.
  8. Get the ?Hip Clothes?.



Number of Treasure Chests in this Area: 6


Number of Random Battles in this Area: 5

Encounter Probability: Low


The entrance tag to the area has the name incorrectly written as Ciela Gate Canal.

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