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Ciel nosurge Original Soundtrack -Sound and World Reception Record Sec.2-

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Ciel nosurge Original Soundtrack -Sound and World Reception Record Sec. 2-
Cielsoundtrack2 Information
Title in Kanji/Kanaシェルノサージュ オリジナルサウンドトラック~音と世界の受信記録 Sec.2~
Romaji Titlesherunosaaju orijinaru saundotorakku ~oto to sekai no jushinkiroku Sec. 2~
Release DateOctober 01st, 2014

This album is the second volume of the soundtrack to Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta, and contains most of the BGM that can be heard during the Collapse and Empress Arc of the game. Curiously enough, this disc is treated as an actual music disc in-universe that was released by Tube Records, one of the many branches of the Tz-Tube Company.


Disc 1

Track Number Song Title Length
1 Almetica March 1:59
2 White Cherry Park 3:09
3 ImitationRED 1:49
4 Festival for the Lofty Souls 2:23
5 Nyurorestaurant 2:25
6 Miniature Garden Prior to the Departure 2:37
7 LastPandemic 2:13
8 Horizon of a Starry Sky 2:03
9 Dwelling of Illusions 2:17
10 Dwelling of Principles 2:30
11 Introductory Resonance ~Ritual Prayer~ 1:25
12 Conflagration Brought by the Winds 1:44
13 The Great Wheel of Fate 2:43
14 Ms. Yuuki's Mailbox 1:42
15 Poppekepe~ 1:33
16 Promise ~Gentle Tears~ 1:53
17 Alien Road 0:56
18 Personality Destruction Project 0:58
19 0:00:01 0:57
20 Final Feelings 2:30
21 Sound Diary 1 ~Mysterious House~ 5:01
22 Sound Diary 2 ~Nap Coefficient~ 5:02
23 Sound Diary 3 ~Moon Lamp~ 5:02
24 Sound Diary 1 ~Red Star~ 5:02

Disc 2

Note: None of the tracks featured in this disc are used in the game, so they are all discarded songs.

Track Number Song Title Length
01 Prim Nosurge 2:58
02 The Legends of Sharlanoia 2:17
03 Land of Hope - Honokano 2:51
04 Rhythm Signs 2:13
05 Ephemeral Feelings 2:12
06 First Destruction Kalpa 2:07
07 Obedient Current Shadows 2:04
08 niizhtana 1:17
09 First Story -bezhig- 2:04
10 First Story -niizh- 1:36
11 First Story -niswi- 1:19
12 Another Story 1:10

Limited Bonus

Those who preordered the digital version of the album through Apple's iTunes Store were given an additional track titled "Ciel Nosurge", which is used as the game's title screen theme after the player has cleared the Trials Arc.

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