Ciel nosurge Original Soundtrack -Sound and World Reception Record Sec. 1-
Cielsoundtrack Information
Title in Kanji/Kanaシェルノサージュ オリジナルサウンドトラック~音と世界の受信記録 Sec.1~
Romaji Titlesherunosaaju orijinaru saundotorakku ~oto to sekai no jushinkiroku Sec. 1~
Release DateFebruary 27th, 2013

This album is the first volume of the soundtrack to Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta, and contains most of the BGM music that can be heard during the Trials Arc of the game. Curiously enough, this disc is treated as an actual music disc in-universe that was released by Tube Records, one of the many branches of the Tz-Tube Company.


Track Number Song Title Length
1 GATE:: 0:49
2 Introductory Resonance 1:35
3 Signpost of Beginning 1:52
4 Cosmic City 2:13
5 Dusk Flower 1:55
6 ExecuTron 1:50
7 Promise ~A Small Encounter~ 1:48
8 Manjusara 2:43

Let's Join Hands!

10 Peaceful Times 1:01
11 Dreams, Mechanisms and Secret Bases 1:04
12 Crisis 1:47
13 Elegant and Cold Makeup 2:14
14 Unrest 0:42
15 Sympathy ~Terefunken~ 0:43
16 Shards of Loss 1:46
17 Lamentation 2:19
18 A Small Flower 1:37
19 ahih rei-yah ~Connecting Feelings~ 2:53
20 RELUXISM 1:28
21 A Couple's Photograph 1:54
22 Imperial Genometrics Synchronization Mediation Institute 2:03
23 Imperial Astronomical Quantum Wave Theory Laboratory 3:20
24 Promise ~An Unforgettable Dream~ 1:22
25 Dauntless and Decisive 2:44
26 A Single Street Light 2:27
27 HACK=MAGIC 2:40
28 Run Through! 2:35
29 Genometrics 1:58
31 Sunset Avenue 2:02
32 Dwelling of Dreams 1:58
33 STARGAZE ~Galaxy Flight~ 2:11
34 Flask Sea 4:50
35 The Boy Traveling Through the Glittering Desert (Bonus Track) 3:59

Limited Bonus


The Ra Ciela Music History Magazine slipcase.


The "Even Nyuroki Knows!" booklet.

Buying this album through the Gust Shop allowed to buyer to acquire as well a special slipcase called the Ra Ciela Musical History Magazine, which served to store this CD as well as the second soundtrack volume that would be released later on. Also, first print copies included a special commentary booklet that explained the world setting of Ra Ciela in a way similar to that of a picture book for children, which treated the soundtrack like somewhat of a companion music album to the booklet.

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