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This timeline has all the story of the world used as the setting of the first Ar Tonelico game, Sol Ciel. Note that the prehistory begins from the origin of the world until the people learned to harness the power of sounds, and the AD means "Ammue Dius", which roughly translates to "Era of the Divine Sounds".

Before the First Era

Year Events
BC The people begins to know about the power and effects that some words manifest when they are pronounced.
-1022 Many nomads cross the sea, and arrive at the Grassroad Plains.
-484 Many dances and songs are created and prosper among the people.
10 Many communities gather, and form three kingdoms: Blast, Sylva and Valna.
348 Confirmed year of the creation of the first word: [chs] (change, turn into).
421 Confirmed year of the creation of the first sentence: [Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea] (I'll be happy to turn myself into a song).
440 Confirmation of the existence of the Moon Chanters, and date of oldest written description of them.
768 Among the three nations, the Kingdom of Valna begins using an strange kind of magic.
770 The strange magic spreads among the three kingdoms in a flash, and end up being called Prayer Songs.
1228 The singers of the Prayer Songs, who could use them to converse with nature, end being called the [Moon Chanters].
1883 Beginning of the decay of the Moon Chanters. From the society that worshiped mysterious things, the [Realistic Society] is formed.
1890 The Kingdom of Valna obtains a great power.
1919 A country called Metafalss summons the Tsukikanade from around the world, and begins to harness the powers of the Sounds. Then, in Metafalss, an special dialect called the Metafalss Note is created.
1998 The Songs played by the Moon Chanters begin being called [Hymmnos] out of respect.
2022 A delegation arrives from Sol Cluster.
2050 The Thousand-Year War with Sol Cluster begins.
2665 Among the territorial devastation caused by the war, the three kingdoms join forces, and form the nation of El Elemia.
2912 Discovery of the power of the Songstones by a Moon Chanter called the Father of Sound Science.
2934 Decay of the Moon Chanters, remaining only as a handful of lineages.

First Era

Year Events
2915 Establishment of the El Elemia Songstone Research Center
2919 Succesful creation of the first songstone crystal
2929 Succesful separation between Grathnode and Parameno crystals.
2930 Discovery of the creation method of the Ardel Crystals.
2932 Begins the construction of the Tower of Origin.
2944 Begins the “only in name” technological exchange between Sol Ciel and Sol Cluster.

Inauguration of the New Generation Mankind Project: Reyvateil.

2962 Death of the the "Father of Sound Science”
2968 "Tower of Origin" completed. Test runs begin.
2971 Begins the service of the Public Soundwave Network “SONATA”.
2973 Begins the study of Hymmnos, and it crosses paths with the Songstone research.
2975 "Ar tonelico" project begins.
2977 El Duel begins investigation on the problems and effects of LDSW on the environment.
2978 Demands on El Elemia are made to stop LDSW testing. Temporary suspension of experiments.
2982 Discovery of ultrahigh frequencies in the composition of the natural voice.

Begins the use of the Tower of Origin (the real first Ar tonelico). However, this one failed because the database had more info than what the Tower could manage.

2983 Construction of “Ar tonelico” begins.
2990 "Horus, the New Continent" project starts.
2992 Development of the "Plasma Bell".
2993 Guidebook and world regulations concerning limitations on sound power for the environment enacted.
2997 “Ar tonelico” 50% complete.
2999 Birth of Eleno, descendant of the "Father of Sound Science”
3000 The Plasma Bell succesfully elevates a landmass, and creates the Wings of Horus.
3001 People from many inhuman nations take refuge in El Elemia.

Discovery of the ω Spectrum (fourth-dimensional expansion form of the FFT Spectrum), allowing the analysis of Hymmnos. With this, the development of Hymmnos took a great step forward.

3013 “Ar tonelico” is completed.
3018 Regional Soundwave Network "SONATA" begins service.The Tower Administration Bureau of El Elemia introduces the draft for the International Standad Norm for Hymmnos: The Central Standard Note.

Definition of the International Standard of 52 Characters (a~z, A~Z) for Hymmnos.

3020 Birth of Eleno´s daughter, Shurelia.
3022 Horus, the new continent, reaches critical height.

Beginning of the investigations related to the Reyvateils.

3023 Eleno is transferred to an investigation center.
3025 Reopening of the studies on LDSW. The "World Commune Demands" is proposed to the other nations, but it's fiercely rejected.
3026 Second and Third Amplification Tower projects begin.
3027 Tactical Soundwave Network "JAM" begins operations.

Proposal to Sol Cluster of removal from the signatory nations.

Around this time, the prime field of the Reyvateils begins to be available.

3028 Beginning of the West War with Sol Cluster.
3029 Eleno’s daughter, Shurelia, is killed by a security failure.
3030 El Duel begins to develop the idea of an unmanned tactics network.
3031 The incident of the Seven Bloodstains ends the West War.

Sol Ciel turns into the leading potency, and the most powerful country.

Functional Reyvateil of the α-testing phase completed, birth of the First Origin "Eoria".

3032 Birth of the Second Origin Reyvateil "Frelia".
3033 Birth of the Third Origin Reyvateil "Tyria".The first β-Type Reyvateils are created.
3035 Eoria is connected to Ar tonelico and appointed as its Administrator.

Meeting of Eoria and Eleno

3037 Begins the mass production of β Reyvateils.
3038 The Teru Tribe defies the law and assists in the war.
3040 Catastrophe of the "Grathnode Inferia." All the technology and information the humans had for learning and using Hymmnos songs was lost in it.

Second Era

Year Events
3040 People evacuate to the Right Wing of Horus, the central resort city, which was still under construction at the time.
3046 People begin to come together around Fropth Yivardi.
3047 A council of about 100 people is organized under the president of El Elemia.
3048 The concept design of the Silver Horn begins. A memorial monument for the ones that died in the Grathnode Inferia is built and placed in the Tail of Reminiscence.
3052 Rovar and Shurelia complete the first airship of the Second Era.
3055 The subject of building an airport in the Tail of Reminiscence is denied, and therefore delayed.
3056 Shurelia and Tastiella meet for the first time.
3065 Begins the construction of the Great Airport of the Tail of Reminiscence, Neo Elemia.
3067 The Great Airport of Neo Elemia is completed.

The first long distance airship takes off from the Wings of Horus.

3068 90% of the world's surface is covered by the Sea of Death.
3069 The region of Sol Cluster is completely destroyed.
3176 Begins the outbreak of the Sonic Bursts.

Abnormal beings appear and begin attacking the people.

3188 Beginning of the Ar tonelico Restoration Project, and Shurelia assumes the charge of Highest Advisor.
3202 Shurelia makes an announcement to the β Reyvateils.
3205 Creation of the first Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateil.
3280 Shurelia advocates her position as the controller for the Reyvateil Control mechanism located in the Silver Horn.
3341 The total Reyvateil population triplies.
3348 Humans begin to feel doubt and uneasiness toward Reyvateils.
3390 Pureblooded β Type Reyvateils are selectively bred and created.

Creation of a problem, birth of the Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateil “Mir”.

3409 A Reyvateil uprising occurs in Neo Elemia.
3411 Humans suppress the riot. Reyvateil rules and regulations are strengthened.
3420 Control is enforced upon the Reyvateils.

The right wing of Horus falls.

Mir creates Viruses and hides them inside the Tower.

3421 Shurelia and the Teru Tribe build the “Crescent Chronicle”.Mir is sealed. The Teru Tribe and Humans write and sign the Covenant of Elemia.
3422 The Humans that signed the Convenant of Elemia go to the top floors of the Tower and build the city of Platina.

Third Era

Year Events
3500 Gasaki and Leila visit the landlord of the town of Nemo, and spread Grathmelding.
3510 Grathmelding is popularized on a large scale. Nemo's landlord builds the Sakura store.
3522 The Sakura Store begins to research measures against the abnormal beings.
3624 Establishment of the quest company "Tenba".
3641 The Golden Age of Grathmelding.
3709 Concept for an "Academic City for the Cloud Sea Investigation" launched by the Tenba Conglomerate.
3713 Begins the administration of the floating Firefly Alley Reactor by the Power Department.
3734 [Firefly Alley Construction Organization] established. Management is setup.
3752 Birth of the 31th Lune: Misha Arsellec Lune. Birth of Lyner Barsett, son of the Platina Commander Leard Barsett.
3753 Aurica is born as a 3rd generation Reyvateil in Skuwat village.
3755 Kyle Clancy fails in his attempts to revive the Mother Virus.
3759 Misha departs for Town of Light and Magic Em Pheyna to sing in the Crescent Chronicle.
3761 Jack Hamilton leaves Em Pheyna.
3764 Bourd orders the Tenba troops to attack Em Pheyna, and kidnaps Misha.

Battle of Skuwat. Jack receives a serious wound.

Bourd flees.

The number of virus manifestations in the Symphonic Reactor begins to increase rapidly.

3770 Outbreak of "ELMA-DS," an atrocious Virus never before seen, in the Symphonic Reactor.

In Hymmnos story, in this period of time, the Hymmnos language has been mostly forgotten, and everyone has forgotten the reasons behind the existence of the Tower.

3772 Jack, Krusche and Mir depart on a journey.

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