The Cat Mansion (猫屋敷, nekoyashiki?) is a small abandoned mansion located in the outskirts of Enna and halfway in the road to the Promise Hill, which according to locals, has gotten quite the fame of being a haunted place due to the strange sounds that can be heard coming from it at night, such as a girl screaming or explosions. Its basement houses an entrance into the inner works of the Rim.


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After the slog that the previous dungeons were, the Cat Mansion is sort of a little respite, as the number of random encounters is rather low and the dungeon itself isn't very long either. This is also the last new area visited before Phase 2 closes, and while there are a few new enemies, none of them should be a threat at this point. However, this is the first dungeons where the IPDs return after their prolonged absence, so the player should take precautions for the battles against them, particularly the Lv. 5 ones.




Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 4



Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Lin 5 None. Roaming Nightmare x 2
Sanri 5 After Phase 3 begins Roaming None.
Pekopon 4 After Phase 3 begins. Roaming Poison Drake x 2
Nao 3 None. Roaming None

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