Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Blast Eye
ブラスト・アイ (Blast Eye) (burasuto ai)
Blast Eye
Monster Card:Ball3
Level HP
65 6643
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1697 1493 0 70
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
38 38 38 0
EXP Leaf
279 349
Location Prism Garden

Tower Inside A5 and A6 Sectors 362F and 475~477F
Tower Inside A7, A8 and A9 Sectors 900~921F
Tower Inside A8 Sector 912F

Class Ball
Abilities Mystery Ray

Super Bomb

Grade 4 Drop Real Defense
Grade 3 Drop Ionic Saw
Grade 2 Drop Stronger to Wind
Grade 1 Drop Platico
DescriptionA slightly larger version of a Bit Ball. It's not just the size that increased: its strength and destructive powers are greater too.

Another rather marked improvement over the Bit Ball v2, this monster replaces the now-obsolete Screw Drive attack with Mystery Ray, which can cause random status ailments to its target. Aside of it, it also has suicidal tendencies, given that its Super Bomb attack makes it self-destruct in order to cause large damage to all the vanguards. Due to this, make sure to destroy them before they get the chance to blow up in your face, although considering they can summon copies of themselves using the Alarm skill, this might prove difficult to do.

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