Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
ブレイドマスター (Blademaster) (bureidomasutaa)
Blade Master
Monster Card:Mercenary6
Level HP
97 29307
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2637 1657 0 193
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
40 35 18 45
EXP Leaf
1213 2080
Location Plasma Bell
Class Mercenary
Abilities Burning Slash

Give thy Life

Grade 4 Drop Sharper
Grade 3 Drop Harmonion
Grade 2 Drop Poison Outbreak
Grade 1 Drop ASL Circuit
DescriptionUltimate swordsman who has mastered the art of swords. They have perfected all types of sword skills.

The strongest among the Mercenary-type enemies, they can only be found inside the Plasma Bell, and aside of retaining the instant-death skill Give thy Life from the Rogue, they can also increase his speed with the Godspeed skill. Although they don't have any Stored Attacks, don't lower your guard when facing them.

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