Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Bit Ball v2
ビットボール改 (Bit Ball v2) (bittobooru-kai)
Bit Ball v2
Monster Card:Ball2
Level HP
46 3407
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1193 1070 0 57
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
25 25 25 0
EXP Leaf
121 94
Location Tenba Tower

Musical Corridor (as part of a boss battle)
Skuwat Ruins

Class Ball
Abilities Screw Dive


Grade 4 Drop Stronger to Wind
Grade 3 Drop BBQ
Grade 2 Drop Thundershroom
Grade 1 Drop Sharp
DescriptionA upgraded, stronger version of the Bit Ball. It's not just the lasers that are more effective, but it is armored. If you understimate it, you could get hurt.

A rather improved version of the basic Bit Ball, this monster has stats far higher than its predecessor, making it somewhat more dangerous. Despite this, it still has the same moveset and behavior pattern, so the same advice given for the Bit Ball can be applied here,

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