Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Bit Ball
ビットボール (Bit Ball) (bittobooru)
Bit Ball
Monster Card:Ball1
Level HP
12 400
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
231 264 0 19
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
18 18 18 0
EXP Leaf
14 13
Location Tenba Labs (Phase 1 only)

Firefly Power Generator

Class Ball
Abilities Screw Dive


Grade 4 Drop Dark Solution
Grade 3 Drop Less MP for Blue
Grade 2 Drop Kiddy Size Ice
Grade 1 Drop Blue Stone
DescriptionIt appears to be a simple round ball, but it shoots lasers from the red hole in the center. If you leave it alone, it will begin calling its friends, so beat them immediately when you see them.

The most basic Ball-type enemy, these foes aren't very strong and can be easily defeated, although they can get somewhat annoying due to their Alarm ability, which allows them to summon copies of themselves. Just try to defeat them quickly to prevent them from calling for help.

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