Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Bird Master
バードマスター (Bird Master) (baadomasutaa)
Bird Master
Monster Card:Girl B2
Level HP
49 2946
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1206 968 0 60
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
26 36 36 26
EXP Leaf
189 270
Location Musical Corridor

Skuwat Ruins
Prism Garden

Class Reyvateil
Abilities Life Refresh

Bird Calling
Heat Wave

Grade 4 Drop Amber Amp
Grade 3 Drop Gods and Demons
Grade 2 Drop Withstand Lightning
Grade 1 Drop Vacuum Pipe
DescriptionA trainer who uses bird to attack her opponent. The birds' attacks may be strong, but the trainer herself isn't. If you run into a battle with her, defeat her immediately.

The second bird summoner sub-type enemy, although weaker than both the Beast Master and the Mech Master. She can summon Rocs to the battle, and can sing Heat Wave, which serves as her Stored Attack. The same advice given for fighting a Beast Master can also be used against them.

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