Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Bird Lord
バードミュール (Bird Mule) (baadomyuuru)
Bird Lord
Monster Card:Girl B3
Level HP
70 8164
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1810 1675 0 75
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
39 54 54 39
EXP Leaf
699 999
Location Crescent Chronicle (Phase 3 only)

Silver Horn

Class Reyvateil
Abilities Bird Calling

Battle Command
Sleepy Dragon

Grade 4 Drop Sleeping Gas
Grade 3 Drop Powered Armor
Grade 2 Drop Shaved Ice
Grade 1 Drop Shiny Fur
DescriptionA trainer who uses strong, swift birds in her attacks. The birds themselves are strong, and the trainer is strong as well.

The second strongest bird summoner sub-type enemy, although in comparison to her predecessors, she became stronger than the Mech Lord but weaker than the Beast Lord. She can summon Garudas, and can increase the attack of all her allies with her Battle Command skill, and can also use a Lv. 3 Stored Attack called Sleepy Dragon, which allows her to summon a powerful dragon to cause large magical damage to the party.

The same advice given for the Beast Lord is also applicable to this enemy.

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