Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica Enemy
Bird Knight
バードナイト (Bird Knight) (baadonaito)
Bird Knight
Level HP
22 945
Attack Defense Speed
88 71 107
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
20 20 10 10
Pain Resistance Sickness Resistance Virus Resistance Sealed Resistance
Weak Immune Weak Weak
Stun Resistance Instant Death Resistance
Weak Weak
EXP Leaf
93 149
Location Bell Strike Hall
Class Bird
Abilities Flying Dive Kick

Woodpecker Thrust
Desperate Head Butt

Rare Drop Light Feather
Semirare Drop Musselshroom
Normal Drop Floret Garment
DescriptionThese pretentious birds wear iron masks they found somewhere. They attack as courageously as they look, but they're still just birds, so they have the same old attack pattern.

First found near the end of Phase 1, these birds are a large improvement over the Eggplant Birds due to their much higher stats, while still keeping Speed as their most noticeable quality. Their attack pattern isn't very different either, but they also have access to a new attack called Woodpecker Thrust, in which they quickly peck a party member three times, making this attack somewhat hard to block due to how fast the three hits come in. However, the party should have grown enough by this point to be able to face these creatures without much problem, as long as the player blocks well.

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