Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Big Guarder
ビッグガーダー (Big Guarder) (biggugaadaa)
Big Guarder
Monster Card:Ball9
Level HP
80 10322
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2088 1974 0 127
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
35 35 35 35
EXP Leaf
743 1062
Location Crescent Chronicle (only during Phase 3)

Tower Inside A5 and A6 Sectors 362F and 475~477F
Tower Inside A7, A8 and A9 Sectors 900~921F
Tower Inside A8 Sector 912F
Plasma Bell

Class Ball
Abilities Full Barrier

Self Recovery
Electromagnetic Laser

Grade 4 Drop Hell's BBQ
Grade 3 Drop Physical Guard
Grade 2 Drop Forbidden Power
Grade 1 Drop Blinding Weapon
DescriptionA larger, stronger, reconstructed Bit Ball. It is surrounded by a wall of resistance against all special attacks.

The strongest among the Guarder sub-type of Ball monsters, and even stronger than the Hyper Bit, these foes not only can use Full Barrier, which fuses the shields used by the previous Guarders into a single skill, but they can also restore their own HP with the Self Recovery skill. And to top it off, they have access to a Lv. 2 Stored Attack, Electromagnetic Laser. However, they don't have any other offensive skills, so take them down before they can buff their allies too much.

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