Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Beast User
ビーストユーザー (Beast User) (biisutoyuuzaa)
Beast User
Monster Card:Girl A1
Level HP
26 1004
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
641 531 0 39
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
18 13 13 18
EXP Leaf
55 79
Location Singing Hill


Class Reyvateil
Abilities Life Warmth

Beast Calling
Energy Ball

Grade 4 Drop Icy Follower
Grade 3 Drop Thundershroom
Grade 2 Drop Opal Rice
Grade 1 Drop Juicy Meat
DescriptionAn animal trainer. She can control beasts to attack you. The Beast User herself is weak, so she's not much to fear.

The most basic enemy in the beast user sub-type of Reyvateil monsters, and weaker than the Mech User but stronger than the Bird User. Like all the other Reyvateil enemies, she can become quite a nuisance due to continually calling more enemies to the battle, mostly Mad Dogs and Feral Wolves, and the fact that she can use Life Warmth to heal herself or her allies. Additionally, she can physically attack your vanguards with Revenge, or sing Energy Ball to try attacking your own Reyvateil, so be careful. As she always appears in the back row, you'll have to go through the other enemies in order to even target her.

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