Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
絢胤 (Ayatane) (ayatane)
Ayatane (boss)
Monster Card:Ayatane
Level HP
100 29492
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2064 1246 50 210
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
25 50 25 25
EXP Leaf
2000 1000
Location Rinkernator
Class Boss
Abilities Spark

Breaking Strike
Dual Slash
Roaring Blade
Hazy Shadow

Grade 4 Drop Galaxy Flare
Grade 3 Drop Pointiest
Grade 2 Drop RC: Sword 4
Grade 1 Drop MC: Ayatane
DescriptionAn informational virus life-form sent into the world by Mir. His orders are to get close to Shurelia and try to control her midn.

The first among the bosses fought in the Rinkernator, Ayatane has lower defense than some of the upcoming bosses and all of his attacks are single-target; but to compesate, he has an extremely high attack power and is the foe with the highest critical hit rate in the game. All of his attacks are skills he can also use as a playable character: Spark, which causes average physical damage; Breaking Strike, which causes two hits of average physical damage; Dual Slash, which causes large physical damage; Hazy Shadow, which allows him to randomly block incoming attacks; and Roaring Blade, which causes extremely large physical damage, and most likely will one-hit kill any character it hits. Thankfully, he can't use either Godspeed or Illusionary Break.

As indicated above, he can randomly block any attacks you send him, so you'll have to rely on Song Magic and skills that hit multiple times if you don't want to waste HP and turns trying to attack him. Likewise, make sure to have a high defense to at least withstand Roaring Blade, and stock up on revival and healing items for whenever anyone is downed by his powerful attacks.

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