Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
オートブラスター (Auto Blaster) (ootoburasutaa)
Monster Card:Fort3
Level HP
88 11557
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2574 1783 0 121
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
35 25 13 25
EXP Leaf
1290 2580
Location Plasma Bell
Class Fort
Abilities Double Beam

Bit Attack
All Range
Meteor Burst

Grade 4 Drop D2 Cell
Grade 3 Drop Lots of MP
Grade 2 Drop Reyvaring
Grade 1 Drop Dmg to HP - Mid
DescriptionA floating fortress with Bit Ball guards. With its own attacks and the Bit Ball's attacks, you can call it a fort for sure.

The strongest Fort-type enemy, which aside of having extremely high stats, has an attack pattern almost completely different from its predecessors. The only skill it retained was Alert, which allows it to summon allies, but the rest of its moveset is completely new: Double Beam, which causes physical damage to a single target, Bit Attack, which also causes physical damage, and finally, two Stored Attacks. One is the same Lv. 2 attack from the Satellite Star, All Range, while the other is a Lv. 3 attack unique to it called Meteor Burst. Both attacks can hit for large amounts of damage, but also allow for excellent opportunities to execute Counters, so take care whenever you fight one of thes eenmies.

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