Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
飛鳥 (Asuka) (asuka)
Monster Card:Asuka
Level HP
100 10000
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1870 1243 0 50
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
0 0 50 0
EXP Leaf
388 776
Location Tower Inside A3 Sector 195~183F (only during the battle with the Ikaruga Mk.II)
Class Boss, Aircraft
Abilities Dual Chamber Gun

Energy Drain
Induced Explosion

Grade 4 Drop
Grade 3 Drop --
Grade 2 Drop
Grade 1 Drop --
DescriptionA small, flying robot. It looks like a Melchior, but is completely different. Its performance has been improved, but because it holds so much fuel, it will explode when destroyed.

This monster is only encountered during the battle with the Ikaruga Mk.II, and only if it uses Alarm to call for backup. They really aren't much stronger than some of the high-tier Aircraft-type enemies, but are a massive annoyance because the Ikaruga can't be attacked as long as they are in the battlefield, and if you don't concentrate in defeating the Ikaruga, it'll continue summoning them eternally. However, as they do have Induced Explosion in their skillset, killing them could benefit you, as the resulting blast will end causing a decent amount of damage to the other Asukas and to the Ikaruga. Just don't get too sidetracked with them.

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